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We ask your support for our cause - coronary calcium score coverage for those who need it. 
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An Open Letter to Stakeholders

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Every year, 600,000 Americans suffer a largely preventable first heart attack because they do not know that they have plaques in their coronary arteries. These plaques are easily detectable with an inexpensive $100 test - early detection can stop a heart attack before it happens.
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Framingham Risk Scoring (FRS) vs Coronary Calcium Scoring: Only the calcium scoring test detects plaques; FRS does not - it just guesstimates and is wrong nearly 50% of the time.

For a $100 test, why guess when your life may depend on it?
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If your calcium score is positive, the plaque-stabilizing, plaque-regressing medical therapy that prevents both heart attack and stroke is already covered by your health insurance.

Your health insurance premium covers expensive hospitalizations for heart attacks, stents, and heart bypass procedures. Also covers routine colonoscopy and mammography. Your premium is enough to cover the calcium scoring test once or twice during your lifetime but why is your access denied? Why do we allow 600,000 fellow Americans to have a largely preventable first heart attack every year? 

Here is some good news: A new study showed that what people who suffered a first heart attack had in common was a high calcium score, not the traditional risk factors - smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and family history and further recommends that calcium scoring should become a standard of care in primary prevention. New Study Finds Coronary Calcium Scores Highly Effective in Identifying Heart Disease in People Without Any Known Risk Factors.
Texas and New Mexico already passed laws mandating coverage for calcium scoring. Others may follow soon

Plaque-stabilizing, plaque-regressing Medical Therapy

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​The Save Your Heart Campaign Needs YOUR SUPPORT.
High calcium scores ignite passionate advocates. The Irish entrepreneur David Bobbett's unwavering support not only funded the award-winning Netflix documentary, "The Widowmaker," but also ignited a movement called the Irish Heart Disease Awareness. Representative Rene Oliviera's own silent advanced heart disease discovery during a calcium scan sparked the Texas Heart Attack Prevention Bill. Watch David and Rene as they relate their stories in "The Widowmaker". My personal journey led me to shift from traditional cardiology to prevention, and now, spearheading this campaign. Optimal medical therapy is remarkably effective; even those with calcium scores exceeding 3,000 avoid angina, heart attacks, premature deaths, stents and heart bypass surgeries. There are countless stories like ours waiting to be shared. Join us, be part of this life-saving mission, and let's make heart health history together.

Are you in a Virtual Holding Camp, Waiting for a Heart Attack to Happen?
Heart disease is often a silent killer, manifesting itself only when it's too late. Without early detection through calcium scoring, individuals are virtually held in a holding camp, at risk and unaware, waiting for a heart attack to strike. The Save Your Heart Campaign advocates for universal coverage for calcium scoring, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to safeguard their heart and avert preventable tragedies.

Understanding Calcium Scoring: A Lifesaver in Heart Attack Prevention
Calcium scoring is a non-invasive CT scan that quantifies the amount of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries, revealing early signs of coronary artery disease. This vital test enables healthcare professionals to identify early coronary plaques and initiate medical therapy to prevent heart attacks. It's a breakthrough in cardiac care, yet many are still unaware of its significance or lack access to this life-saving diagnostic tool.
Join the Save Your Heart Campaign and Spread the Word
We're on a mission to make heart attack prevention accessible to all, and we need your support. By backing the Save Your Heart Campaign, you can help spread awareness about calcium scoring and early intervention, enabling more people to take charge of their heart health. Share our message with friends and family. Together, we can create a heart-healthy future.

Become a Heart Attack Warrior: An Invitation to Make a Real Difference
Nearly every family has been impacted directly or indirectly by heart attacks, a painful reality that unites us in a common struggle. The Save Your Heart Campaign invites you to become a Heart Attack Warrior, and to stand with us in this vital cause. By joining forces, we can build an army dedicated to preventing heart attacks and saving lives. Your support and involvement can change the course of someone's life and create a legacy of heart health for generations to come. 
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